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The Holistic benefits of Thai Massage on body, mind and spirit

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

This is copied text from the book Ancient Thai Massage Healing With Prana, written by, Jan Chaithavuthi and Kanchanoo Muangsiri, founders of Thai Massage School of Chaing Mai.

The physical body, which is relaxed and calm, can enjoy peace and wellbeing. This can be achieved in two ways, firstly, by mean of meditation and relaxation techniques, and secondly through massage. This book is a study of Thai Massage, therefore, it emphasizes on giving and receiving Thai Massage accurately and in accordance with the natural laws of the human anatomy and Prana.

Benefits to the body

The application of Thai Massage using direct pressure on muscles over parts of the body, combined with stretching to further stimulate the musculoskeletal system including joints, bones, nerves, ligaments and lymphatic system benefits several physiological body systems.

Benefits to the mind

The mind controls the body and the Prana in the tissues. If the mind is restless or filled with fear and anxiety, Prana becomes stagnant and health thus suffers. Thai Massage induces a sense of total relaxation, thus reducing daily stress from chores or a hectic environment. In some recipient, this highly positive stress-relief effect may go deeper to past emotional scars and help release them. The red blood cells in the body carry oxygen and are filled with Prana each blood cell is a tiny battery of Prana and carries the subtle intelligence innate in that creative energy. By tensing (applying pressure during massage) and releasing (when the pressure is released), the blood vessel valves are shut off and then opened again. Thus it will direct a tremendous supply of oxygen to all the major muscles and organs of the body. This process reinforces the flow of Prana inside the cells. The effect of Thai Massage on the cells can bring about a change to the mind and even go deeper to the cellular levels. In "The Divine Art of Erasing Age and Creating Vitality", Paramahansa Yogananda states: "When you are happy, all the cells of your body are relaxed and recharged with life. The cells put on the mood of your mind. Each cell has a mind; you are not alone in your body. If you are sad, all your cells are devitalized. Persistence in negative mood devitalizes the whole body. "

Benefits to the Spirit

As to the spiritual benefits, Thai Massage is based on the elements of life and the Sen Sib. It has a tremendous positive impact on the spirit, particularly when the practitioner concentrates on the energy flow while performing the massage. When pressure is applied to each point to awaken Prana through the Sen Sib, coupled with a gentle, smooth movement during the transition of each sequence, combined with the union of breath giver and open-minded recipient, such sacred harmonious union will bring the practitioner and the recipient close to a tranquil meditative state and become one. If one believes in the cosmic energy and the elements of life that we are composed of, then the healing can reach at the spiritual level. The healing lies in employing the proper flow of the subtle life force to the life force channels and to free flow them to heal the body, mind and spirit.

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